About The EDL Store!

The EDL Store is the official eCommerce website of the EDL Group of Companies of Dr. Eulalio ‘Ayong’ Lorenzo, it sells products online from Excellence Livestock and Poultry Specialist Inc., East Asia Veterinary Products Inc., PitGames Media Inc., Essentials for Daily Living Inc. McDell Beauty Inc., Skinfinity, Eldia General Merchandise Inc., and Prime Feathers Corp.

It is set to expand to many more other products in the near future, covering other categories in many markets. Currently selling over 300 products in its online catalogue.

The EDL Store offers delivery in Metro Manila initially and is set to deliver nationwide soon, as the EDL Group have several Business and Logistics Hubs across the country. Main Hubs are in Metro Manila, San Mateo, Tarlac, Isabela, Lipa, Naga, Roxas, Bacolod, Cebu, CDO, and Davao

The EDL store is led by Doc Ayong Lorenzo, Mr. Manny Berbano and Mr. Eulo Lorenzo, the solid leadership that has driven the growth of The EDL Group of Companies.